Frequently Asked Questions

How many posts do I need?

Every 8’ and/or at every turn.

How many balusters do I need?

3 balusters per foot is a easy way to estimate

What type of wood do I need to use?

If you are matching flooring or cabinets we recommend using the same wood so that the grain matches. If you are indifferent we recommend Red Oak as it's a good value and it's a hard wood. If you are painting we recommend Poplar wood.

What pattern and what type of baluster?

We highly recommend looking at photos to get a sense of what you like

Does the wood material come stained?

No the wood material will need to be stained and clear coated.

Do I need shoes at the bottom of iron balusters?

Yes we recommend buying a shoe to cover your hole and glue.

Does the baluster need to be cut?

Yes you will need to cut each baluster for each space in your stairs.

What brackets do I use for my newel installation?

This is a diverse answer based on region, knowledge and where it is being installed. There are also many ways to install depending on new construction and finish floors and walls. If there are any questions on this we are an installation company as well and can recommend the correct kit or installation process for your project.

Code Enforcement Resources

Explore this comprehensive resource for contractors, building
inspectors, and homeowners to gain a deep understanding of national
building codes and their enforcement. This invaluable tool is a must-
have for anyone involved in any type of stair project.